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Some random stuff about the vastly over delayed new version I announced ages ago

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This Article is probably too long and likely doesn't add much, (It was very late at night when I wrote it)
(to summarise, the mod is in a slightly messy testing state and since it's still like this, I've decided to make it more manageable by partly de-cluttering it and improving ease of inclusion for other mods by using SCAR to make the Pariah Tech Tree an independent race, switched too mid game via SCAR coding (eliminating the need for any combined mods to over convolute their own necrons)
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Ever since I started working again on this mod I've been gradually adjusting some of the concepts I'd come up with in order to make the Pariahs a more unique sub-faction in their own rite, I've now come to the point where I'm again considering making them (and the Librian Silvered Host) a separate playable race (or two separate races) (however as it stands I'm considering looking into the possibility of using SCAR coding to switch races mid game (triggered by a research) so gameplay wise they remain a part of the existing Necron Race, but I can keep the underlying Necrons effectively untouched, with the appropriate "tech tree-hijacking" taking place after the switch occurs (especially useful incase someone wants to combine them with another mod where necrons are already being changed, e.g. UA mod, etc.)

As it stands, though not yet all properly implemented,

this is the current outline for the "tech tree" in the next release (from reading this it will hopefully become apparent why "SCAR swapping the race and it's assets mid game now seems like a good idea)

dedicating all 4 of Macabee's beacons to the outsider (a triggers an ability that spawns a dummy entity which causes macabee to "ascend" (via squad possession) (giving him the newer version of the model and the ability to reanimate more often), all tomb spiders (via possession) become Fyrd Ravens, Necron Warriors (via possession) become Husks, then die, have their (the husks) resurrection triggered (hopefully forming them back into multi member squads (hopefully, (I still haven't really tested it properly yet))

summoning cores die, and get replaced by black-stone heaps which can be damaged / destroyed for requisition (via abilities)(when I get around to implementing it), forbidden archive is replaced by a ruined version of itself that contains new researches and leaks a harmful aura, (new listening posts built are of the Pariah design) (summoning cores, old listening posts, etc. are removed from the build list, black-stone karin's added, husks, fyrd ravens, etc. replace there predecessor on the build list, monolith's animations and appearance are altered by a weapon change, it's remaining researches are removed and replaced by a Pariah equivalent each of which place the monolith into a more 'defiled' / 'tampered with' state, once completed this "bastardised monolith" can be used (at the cost of some health) to spawn a "Tower" onto the map (the tower performs equivalent functions to the awakened monolith, but mostly uses it's squad Jump to travel, acts as slightly more of a supporting construct)

necron lord removed from build list

Subjects Baracks also added to build list, spawns priory initiates increases squat cap

conversion chamber added to build list, spawns priors(Pariahs) (a possible thematic / balance related aspect I'm looking into is having initiates loaded into the squad hold of the conversion chamber, at which point they "die" and another squad of Prior Converts becomes available to recruit)

Labrynthine Gateway ("relic structure") allows the spawning of an Outsider Apparition, have yet to finish the models involved, but once spawned will hopefully result in a brief but somewhat destructive jaunt by the Outsider onto the battlefield, resulting in him occasionally reappearing numerous times at various strength levels after originally disappearing, and a few disturbing surprises for the enemy, caused by necrodermis leakage left in his wake

(womb spiders, WarInHeaven Legionaries(relic unit) and Necrodermis "ShapeShifters" likely also available from the gate, depending if I get them ready enough to include)

(inheritors, via womb scarabs, via womb spider)

liberators, and possibly an aetheric orb (alternate relic unit(small but dangerous warp powered variant of an aeonic orb, causes an aetheric penumbra on death, uniformly breaks all morale in range, friend or foe and is generally harmful in other ways)

(librians / void dragon necrons on the other hand have the command monolith, silvered host warriors, structures that build on top of each other to form a statue of the void dragon (which becomes an avatar of the void dragon), tomb warriors, tomb wraiths, assault obelisks (the andrew chambers era kind with a variant of their 'night wall projector'(ability) and a particle whip) warbarques, necron high lord of the void dragon, various wargear and upgrades, void sentinels, tomb keepers, tomb sentries, crawlers, mini pylons for listening posts, lesser aeonic orb


and of course the Thane and a pariah squad of black-stone knights who fit in to it all somewhere


so trying to keep all this as one race now seems like it could end up being a bit much to maintain 😆

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