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New animations and game play features have been added thanks to community and play-test feedback.

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Super Speed Strike Squad has received major updates in terms of animation and game play. Since our intial public release the following have been implemented:

  • All base functionality is in.
  • Feedback for success or failure against enemies
  • Endless Runner mode implemented
  • Ground pound' implemented

Code is much more stable, and the baseline for future updates has been finalized meaning we can pump out new material and features as fast as our art production timeline. Expect new content and update announcements at least every two weeks!

Updated idle and destruction animation on Gooblings have been implemented to improve positive feedback on successful execution of a dodge, slide, or slash. A Goobling that is successfully passed will splatter into a gooey oblivion, while failure causes them to melt and later reform.

Also two new requested Gooblings Fred and Ned have been introduced representing the powers of Flight and Projectiles respectively! Ned is a Goobling that must be slashed to get through (red) but shoots out deadly slowing projectiles that must be dodged (green). Ned brings a whole new level of game play to Super Speed Strike Squad.

Ned the Projectile Goobling

Fred is our flying Goobling which was highly requested to add an additional challenge to the game, players will find great rewards if they go out of their way to jump and slash their way through the Goobling guardian of the sky!

Fred the Flying Goobling

An Endless Runner (Infinity) Mode has been implemented. This procedurally generated level offers an extreme challenge to players willing to test their skills and speed against Super Speed Strike Squad. Infinity mode offers the chance to reach breakneck speeds far surpassing those of regular levels. However, the increased speed comes at the price of a significantly higher difficulty!

Another suggestion from player feedback that has become a reality is the ground pound! Previously attacking while in the air was clunky, and our coding and animation for attacking while doing so was not responsive and visually did not as natural as it could be. But this is no longer an issue! Now all of our characters each have a unique animation that can destroy red Gooblings when they are directly above them!

As always you can try out the newest demo here at:

However, keep in mind that Google Chrome is experiencing issues with the unity plugin- as such you can use any other browser.

-Zetta Speed Studios

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