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Super Sec Soccer has a new site, trailer, and will be released November 20th!

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Super Sec Soccer will be released November 20th via for €4.99. For now it's Windows only, but Mac, Linux and maybe even Android versions will hopefully follow soon. Check out the new release trailer:


  • 2 player support
  • keyboard and gamepad support (2 gamepads are recommended)
  • vs AI mode
  • a few secrets
  • 90 second matches
  • sudden death on a tie

A little more about the game:
It’s soccer distilled to a very basic form. Players control one soccer-player on a team of five (the keeper is always controlled by the computer). The controls are just as stripped down as the graphics, you can move, switch players, and slide.

Sliding into the ball kicks it further than just bumping into it (used for dribbling), and can even send it flying through the air. You can also use sliding to tackle your opponents, momentarily taking them out of the game.

Switching to another player on your team is done by aiming with the stick (or move keys) and pressing the switch button. That way skilled players can always switch to whomever they want. Slightly less skilled player can simply hold down the switch button which switches the player to whomever is closest to the ball.

The objective of the game is simple: Score more goals than your opponent!

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