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The things I Done, and the things I don´t, in my new game "Super Retro Dogs", Clasic NES palette, Mario gameplay, and Castlevania world rooms and Metroid power ups.

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(not in order)


1.- Demo Menu.
2.- Demo Controller Support.
3.- Player Movement.
4.- Camera Movement.
5.- Score System.
6.- Jump Withing Levels.
7.- Two Players Couch Coop Mode.
8.- Enemies: Green and Red Snakes, Green Frog, Red Bat.
9.- Golden Bones.

To Do:

1.- second player sprites.
2.- one tile set for each chunk of the world.
3.- the intro and ending animations.
4.- finish menu. //config resolution //config controls //etc
5.- 4 Bosses and 1 final Boss with two stages.
6.- 4 power ups.
7.- Transition animation within rooms.
8.- Sound Effects.
9.- Music.
10.- World planing //metroidvania.

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