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We made a controller for Joggernauts. It's cool. I swear.

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This month we turned Joggernauts up to 11 by making a super rad new controller!

Equipped with 4 giant-glowing SWITCH buttons, now you have something to hit when you team is letting you down. Too bad this will be the only one made... Let me show you what all went into making this thing!

Before I go any further, HUGE shout out to Victor Thompson for all his help making the controller. Without him it would have been a whole lot more difficult... Probably impossible.

Initial Design


The controller stork left us a baby... wait... we gotta put it together!?

1 copy

Leg makin'

2 copy

Is it done yet?!

3 copy


4 copy


5 copy

Button circles

6 copy

So much sanding...

7 copy


8 copy

Under the hood

9 copy


10 copy

WAIT!... Now it's done

11 copy

If you would like to play Joggernauts on the new controller, continue to follow us for events details. As always, thank YOU for giving a crap about what we do. We're continually trying to make the Joggernauts experience the very best it can be.

HEART! (*sound effect plays*)

-Space Mace

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