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A run through of where Super Jumpy King is at in it's development, revamped gameplay and additional features.

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Super Jumpy King is A randomly generated infinite jumping game where you jump from platform to platform whilst avoiding various obstacles that fall from above. Play as the mythical Monkey King or unlock a variety of characters from the Journey To The West legend as well as other well known legends.

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IMG 0402 IMG 0404

Gameplay features:

  • Swipe or tap to move the character.
  • Character auto slides down and auto lands onto platforms below.
  • Two types of obstacles: 'small types' and 'large types'. Small types can be avoided whereas large types cannot but come with a warning.
  • Each character you unlock has a unique power up or attribute such as multiplying all coins collected in a play through or instant boost to reach higher scores quicker.
  • Power ups run for a finite time and can be reactivated by collecting power up coins.

Possible future features:

  • Timed rewards: daily coin rewards/ power up boosters.
  • Daily objectives and rewards.
  • Upgrading each character's power ups/ attributes.

Magnet GP1 Boost GP1

(Left) White Tiger has the Magnet ability whilst (Right) Vermillion Bird has the Boost ability.

Looking to work through the bugs before hopefully finishing the game this month.

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