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Super Hipster Lumberjack has been Greenlit!!!!! + Steam keys

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Thanks to everyone that voted, Super Hipster Lumberjack is coming to Steam! This is honestly one of the most unbelievable things that has ever happened in my entire life. It was my stretch goal to get on Steam by the time I graduate highschool and I did it with an entire year of school to go. I am so happy and excited to get the game out on the store I have been doing edits and bug fixing since I heard the news. I plan to lower the game’s price. I want people to feel comfortable with the price. I’m still working out the details for everything but this release will be something special!!!!

In regards to keys; I am going to try my best to honor people who have already purchased the game. However it will take some time to request all the keys from Valve. They are coming it just takes some time to get them.

I am currently working on a new project on top of this! It is called Beyond the Grave. It is a 2D action RPG that has a mechanic twist. When you die in the game it warps you to a different life. When you die in that life it takes you back to the original life. Death progresses the game rather than restarting it.

You can check that out here if you are interested:

Again thanks for the support!!! Honestly this has been the time of my life and I can’t wait to give even more!

~ N

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