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Our gift to you this Yuletide is a little bundle of new Adventures and Quests! New characters, new monsters and a whole new quest area.

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So it wouldn't be Christmas on the App Store without the obligatory festive update. Snow flakes on the App icon, falling snow in the game and some seasonal content - maybe even the big man himself! And we wouldn't want to disappoint our mobile gaming fans so we too will add some tinsel and glitter to an already sparkling game.

The war in the Frozen North and the nightmare before Yuletide.

We've dived back into the world of Glyph Quest and added some new adventures, quests, characters and monsters.

The big Christmas quest line will see you helping the Julnir himself by finding replacements for his recently injured reindeer. Of course there's no magical flying reindeer spare, but there are other things that can fly in the land of Adventure. And only some of them bite!

We also open up the Frozen North - a new questing area. There's trouble in the North and Ice Witch Yngvill has ventured far south to find a worthy Magus to help stop the feuding Trolls and Goblins. But why are they fighting? And who for?

And that's not all!

There's more adventures throughout and more quests to come!

Merry Christmas from Super Glyph Quest.

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