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We finally bought an website, about 2 days ago!

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So Sunwell Studios finally bought an website. A website that isn't that great, since we don't know anything about WordPress, nor do we have any programmers for it. We are happy that we have an website, but it just doesn't look that great. It's not unique, nor do we own any of the plugin and theme.

We are looking for someone that can program the website, and looking for someone that can design the website. We want our website to be unique, and interesting. The website right now is just a average website, with too much blog feeling in it. The website needs feel like an video game development type. Even know we don't have almost no games to put on our website.

The requirements to take these position is:

Web Programmer Requirements:

  • Be able to work for nothing, but the knowledge that you created an website with possible reward, depending on how our games goes
  • At lease have month worth of experience in programming website, or designing websites
  • Have knowledge in CSS, PHP, JS, and HTML.
  • Self-Motivated, humble, excellent communication skills, and team-player attitude
  • Be able to work with other people


  • Knowledge in SSL Certificate programming

Web Designer Requirements

  • Be able to create original concepts for the website
  • Can't use other people websites, or be bias toward other website
  • Self-Motivated, humble, excellent communication skills, and team-player attitude
  • Have a brilliant immigration
  • Have knowledge in Photoshop, and Illustrator
  • Able to create easy to use website
  • At lease a month worth of designing website(s)
  • Knowledge of how video game company websites work
  • Be able to work with other people

You also need to know how create plugin, themes, and edit WP. If we leave WordPress, and develop our own website. You will need an understand of database based website, like MySQL. The website is extremely important to the company/team.

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