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Some new stuff in the works. Will have a summer update as soon as I can.

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Hey everyone, as always, so sorry for the slow updates. In any case I have some new content and more planned coming soon. Below, we have... upgrade-able weapons?

You'll only be able to upgrade special unique weapons, so those limited to dungeon drops - unavailable in shops. As you can see, the attack rating of the weapon exponentially increases, as do the bonus effects and stat boosts the weapons grant.

*Ultimate versions of weapons will require a higher level to equip.

And you may be wondering what these are - they will be scattered throughout the world. These orb/crystal towers will grant EXP and random items, and heal some of your HP/MP when active and touched. Afterwards, they will go under a cool down period.

Stay tuned for more coming soon, perhaps I can spoil more, and maybe announce some dates for release dates and potential events. And join our Discord at:

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