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This summer has been very productive. The Menus have been iterated on and improved and some of the stand-in assets replaced. We are getting close for another round of playtesting!

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Techno Dash has been worked on a great deal this summer and it has been very productive.

The first thing we did was sit down and carefully look at each menu and find any ways we can improve upon it. We drew more concepts and quickly iterated the redesigns with our Hammerwing UI. There are still a few things to work on before we consider the UI feature complete.

As for the main game we replaced a good number of stand in assets and are working on creating more animation and effects. We expanded some of the gameplay and improved on the procedural generation. Another thing we got working is In-App-Purchasing, bringing us one step closer to testing and balancing. Our next step is to make our metric system fully functional and then we can do playtesting on iOS devices!

We are aiming to get a lot more done before the college term begins and are planning on releasing Techno Dash before the end of the year! We'll work on updating much more often up until the release with more screenshots and a video!

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