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News about the status of Sumerian Blood(was Fatal Wars 2). New art style and changes from Fatal Wars 2.

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After the game's development have been suspended for some time, I have got back to working on it.
Due to previous issues, I had to change the game substantially.
The changes are a different theme\scenario(Mesopotamian mythology and history). Which also means different characters. But also, a different board, with different strategic goals. Different attacks per unit, different spells. Different game!

I have also added Android to the target platforms of the game.

As I realized the artwork was not outstanding, and that I can't afford a professional artist, I have decided to make better art work myself.
The results are shown here(as the Sumerian guy).

I think my nearest goal is to get the right visual style. So I am going to make still sprites for all characters and revamp the board visually. Basically, generating a screen shot without animating all the sprites.

So stay tuned for updates. And tell me what you think.

A sumerian guy.

How the new artstyle(sumerian guy) might look.
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