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This is still under development but I can say it's like a beta version of the mod that I everyone will like not just me. If you or anyone else wants to continue on with my porject than that's fine with me but make my name gets included ok? Other than that if you want me to help you or anyone else out let me know.

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This is my baby and I hope it get its acknowledgement and recognition for my work that I put all my time and effort. This era that it takes is in the early medieval era period. As we all know that there was not many good medieval era infantry and cavalry units. Such as Swordsmen Militia units, Mounted Crossbowmen, Halberd Militia, and etc. However, I decided to included those types of units and many more templar, hospitaller, santiago, and teutonic units to each faction. Even the aztecs will have a few new units and along with them having ports and ships. I wanted to make sure that this mod and patch would make the game even than before. I hope everyone enjoys this mod/patch just as much as I do.

Official patch #1 for Bare_Geomod:

- new units such as dismounted knights of jerusalem/antioch, late swordsmen, men at arms, dismounted men at arms, and etc
- dismounted gothic knights, broken lances, italian maa, mounted longbowmen, dismounted heavy lancers and dismounted light lancers, dismounted french archers, and dismounted archers are playable in the game
- new unit sprites, textures, and models
- new settlements for most factions
- now anyone can play as rebels, papal_states, and aztecs
- aztecs can use ports and ships
- I created this patch so I can try up my modding skills
- I have always wanted to do something like this for a long time
- all factions have their rightful building tiers
- all factions have their rightful mercenaries in each building tiers
- scotland can now militia barracks and so forth
- most factions will have 3-6 new settlements
- I have updated the text file for a few units that were not accurate
- most factions have the right amount of gunpowder units... at least four more gunpowder units
- cheaper units and building
- all building will be able to be built in one 1 turn than the normal ( i did it bc it would be easier to get what you want )
- I wasn't to get permission to use the stainless steel units but I was able to use eras total war units for this mod as well so don't worry about that
- the strengths and weaknesses for all factions have been updated and spelling errors were corrected in the expanded file and export file

Official patch #2 WIP:

It will include:

- new crusader units

- new settlements for turks, egypt, byzantine, england, russia, poland, hungary, papal_states, venice, and sicily ( was not able to add more settlements to france, spian, portugal, and moors )

- some units will have slave units will be added to the game

- will change the names of all the factions and give them their respective names

- king's purse will be increased

- saxons, normans, mongols, timurids, papal_states, aztecs, and rebels will be playable both in single player and custom battle

- saxons and normans will have new and familiar units added to their unit roster, mainly hre and english units

- mongols and timurids will have more settlements in the Steppe and Baghdad area

- will fix the custom and campaign battles along with adding new settlements in America, Steppe province, and Baghdad province

- Saxons will have upper England and Normans will have York, Caen, and two other cities

Possible units that may be in this patch:

-halberdiers, spanish dragoons, musketeers for most factions, two handed infantry units to most european factions, hand gunners for most factions, reitiers, gendarmes, demi lancers, and etc.

credits for the ppl that gave me permission to use their units for my patch:

Gignatus ( Bare_Geomod and Geomod tool )
Aleks ( Igni Ferroque mod )
AnthoniusII ( CBUR mod )
RickyToledo ( Eras Total Conquest mod )
Azumi ( totalvanillabeyond mod ) Kotics ( SSHIP )

I did this so that I can starting point to see how far I can go in this world of video games
No one will be able to play as normans or saxons
Contact me if me on the discord app or on the twc for any problems

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