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Suicide Blitz 2 Version 1 has been released and is available for download here as well as the official page listed! This is a revamped edition of the original Left 4 Dead 1 campaign 'Suicide Blitz' and features much more custom textures, models, a custom weapon and custom tanks.

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After the authorities and CEDA personnel in Fort Harris County managed to get a slight foothold in the ravaged city following the first group of survivors escape attempts; however, the infected populous quickly overtook the city once again leaving the Fort Harris County Stadium as the last resort and hope for rescue. Four new survivors were now tasked with fighting their way through the city streets, desolate underground and city landmarks to once again escape the zombie apocalypse.

With the help from a local train driver, Crazy Ron, the survivors must eventually make their way to the stadium before its inevitable destruction and ultimate demise as a possible evacuation outpost. Once again, winning isn't every - surviving is!

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