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We were present at ComicCon in Stockholm last week and the feedback has been tremendous. Head inside to learn more!

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Last week Cavelight Entertainment were present att ComicCon/Gamex in Stockholm with a booth, allowing the public to try the game out.
Reactions were overwhelmingly positive. Not only was our booth crammed full nearly constantly, people came back the subsequent days and many visitors came by because of recommendations from their friends. That is in our eyes a testament to this being a really fun game.

In fact, the game was so popular that we had to remind players that others were standing in line, waiting to try. This rigorous playtesting by others soon unveiled flaws and bugs that we hadn't detected ourselves. Our programmer was on standby during the whole event, correcting numerous minor flaws and supplying us with improved builds throughout the whole event. Beyond pure bugs, testing gave us a much clearer view of what needs to be done to make the game fun.

Not only did the general public appreciate the game, journalists present at the convention also found the game interresting. During a live, public recording, Nö mentioned Velocity Stream as one of the most interresting things at the whole event. Skip to 24 min to listen to what they have to say. There were also numerous other gaming pages who wanted to write about us, whom haven't published anything yet.

In other words, this has been a very fruitful event. To the point that on the freeway back from Stockholm, we put on the Battle if Brittain theme. The feeling was just... "Mission Accomplished".

The game is in a stage of rapid changes. With network functioning and stable, we are able to focus on game mechanics more and more. As mentioned in our previous post, we are going to launch a Greenlight and Kickstarter campaign soon.

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