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PAX East, IGF, and who knows! We have submitted builds to several judges and are looking forward to submitting more as opportunities arise!

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A short update for those looking out for Gimbal Cop!

We're been working ultra hard on polishing the game, and so far we've successfully updated our IGF build right at deadline, as well as submitted a build to the PAX East indie showcase! The indie showcase is perfect since it focuses on mobile games, and we're all about that. Actually, we like to think of Gimbal Cop as more of a multiplatform game than a mobile game alone; we are hoping that it'll be easy to play whether or not mobile platforms are our gamers' platforms of choice.

We're thinking about where we should be sending builds of Gimbal Cop next - there are a few options, and we're excited to get our game out there. We've had great success already at places like the Festival of Indie Games when showing off the game, and since then we've reached other milestones - basically, we've improved everything. By the time PAX East comes around, Gimbal Cop will be smoother, better looking, and way more fun!

In the meantime, it's the holiday! Each of us are going our own way; some of us are travelling out of state, even out of the country. It's an exciting time to spend with those who love us and have supported us through all of our work. Gimbal Cop is still set to be released in the first quarter of the coming year, and it's getting so close, we can taste it.

Be sure to check out our forums before you leave our IndieDB page! We've loved talking to people on Steam's Greenlight Concepts community and hope to hear more from people interested in our game. With all these submissions we have given in these days, it's great to hear feedback of a different kind.

Have a great holiday, and happiest new year!

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