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Here is more information about changes to our RPG and Survival Systems.

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Hello All,

Over the last three months, our team has been working to update Castle Torgeath. Recently we have completed release v0.9.1. Today I’d like to go into details about our new RPG and survival systems.

The RPG (Role-playing) system allows you to customize the development of your character. As you progress through the game you’ll gain experience points based on certain actions such as killing enemies. After reaching a certain threshold, you will gain a level. Each level you gain will give you a point to assign to a certain attribute which will make you stronger in a type of fighting style (we will go into this more below). This system is critical for you to use and master as the enemies will gradually get stronger as you advance in the game whether or not you level up.

In the RPG system there are four attributes to choose from. They are Strength, Dexterity, Will, and Constitution. By upgrading Strength, the damage that you deal with a melee weapon is increased. By upgrading Dexterity, your movement speed and damage with ranged weapons increases. Unlike Strength however the increase is not always the same. At first you’ll notice an increase in your speed when first upgrading and not much of an increase in ranged weapon damage. After a few levels though it will change to more of an increase in damage with ranged weapons and less of an increase in speed since a human can only run so fast. By upgrading Will the damage you deal with magic spells is increased. Lastly by upgrading Constitution, your maximum attainable health and hunger will increase.

Here is a picture of the Character sheet:

Castle Torgeath   Character Shee

In addition to an RPG system in the game there is also a survival system. With this system there are several key elements. This first of which is the hunger system. For every action you take such as walking and attacking a small bit of hunger is needed. This concept is represented by the yellow bar in the bottom left corner of the HUD. If you ever run out of hunger you die. Another concept is that of potions. There are two kinds of potions: a health potion and a mana potion. The health potion restores a part of your health which is represented by the red bar in the bottom left corner. Similarly the mana potion restores a part of your mana which is represented by a blue bar in the bottom left corner. Lastly, your torch level shows how much time is left before your torch light goes out. The torch’s status is represented by the orange orb in the bottom left corner. The orb will gradually shrink until nothing is left. Once the torch goes out you will not be able to see anything in the distance and all enemies are much stronger. You must keep your torch lit by using existing torches in the dungeon. You can also relight your torch if it goes out.

Here is a picture that shows the survival HUD and an example of one kind of health potion:

CastleTorgeath   HUD and potion

The following video clip shows the new RPG and survival systems in action. Let us know what you think!

Thank you for reading, we'll have more details about new and updated game features in the near future.

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