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Work on the next version continues. New missions, skirmish maps and more!

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Build 0317 was released four years after 0.203 version for Red Alert 3. Concepts of both a storyline and ideas of graphics have been changing. The most important change is that the game has been changed, all further versions or builds of Subject 9 modification will be released for Tiberium Wars. Now mod has a small part of what was planned.

Storyline. Act 1 completely writes a new story of the Red Alert 3 and this story will be continued in further acts. Japan is no longer a faction and only a few Red Alert characters remain, for example, Anatoly Cherdenko and Dr. Gregor Zelinsky.

Campaigns. The first act consists of two campaign for Soviets and Allied, additional missions for both factions and few missions that will let you play for storyline characters.

Skirmish. For now one skirmish map is created. This map is Lost Bocage, which has been having a large amount of transformations during its creation.

23 08 2018 Lost Bocage(Old design)


art03screen2(New design)

Stay tuned for more updates!


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