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Subaeria, a roguelike action puzzler where players manipulate robots into destroying each other, has just launched a Greenlight page to get the game on Steam.

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Subaeria, the AI manipulation roguelike, has launched its Greenlight campaign. In the game, players follow the journey of an outcast trying to escape a world ruled by technology. Armed only with their wits and faithful drone companion, they’ll have to fight their way through droves of murderous robots by pitting them against one another.

Styx and the Hermes train

The game is inspired by the literary classics of 1984 and Brave New World and set in an underwater dystopia with a rigid class system. It focuses on 4 characters trying to escape the city, and players will have to make tough decisions while they make their way through Subaeria.

The gameplay focuses on indirect combat, characters have to trick and trap their enemies into destroying each other. Their only aid is their personal drone, a hovering companion to which they can attach skills to give them an edge in battle.

Developped by Montréal-based studio Illogika, it's the studio's first original IP and has been created using Unity 5. It's expected to launch in September 2015.

The campaign can be found here:


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