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Su -47 "Golden Eagle" (former NATO codename "little barrel") is a forward-swept wing four generations half (Russian Standard) heavy fighter, has the characteristics of a remote, multi-purpose, air superiority and strike like.

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Su-47 "Golden Eagle" fighter

Su -47 "Golden Eagle" (former NATO codename "little barrel") is a forward-swept wing four generations half (Russian Standard) heavy fighter, has the characteristics of a remote, multi-purpose, air superiority and strike like. And Su-27 design has the same origin, have similar parts and engines; also be said to be a specially modified Su-27. After nearly 30 years of design and development, under the framework of most countries currently serving in the SAO (Commonwealth of Independent States, Mongolia, Pakistan, India, Iran) and APA (China, Korea Federation, Viet Nam).
Design and development
Initial background:
Su -47 in order to fight against the Soviet Union before NATO warplanes advanced research and development program, its design ideas as well as close-in air combat from the Soviet Union to provide cover for ground forces, preventing the first generation of European fighter-bomber Tornado, Mirage 2000 as well F-15/16 achieved battlefield air, and block A-10 and the F-117, including ground attack aircraft.
But did not last long, as the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union -47 R & D was shelved, Russia started to increase capital investment plan on MiG 1.44, expect it to fight the United States has a large number of service of Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor. China subsequently joined the program and make the MiG 1.44 in 2009 before National Day service. MiG 1.44 service soon suffered a first "world war against terrorism." Unfortunately, designed for high altitude state in the F-22 BVR interceptor MiG aircraft in low-altitude low speed, often with Stinger anti-aircraft missiles to shoot down GLA ground when throwing firebombs task. Chinese aspects include operations in Chechnya Russian Air Force have put forward the need for a more high-performance multi-role fighter. However, in the United Aircraft Company Sukhoi and MiG-time collaboration established long lost glory of the Soviet era, the development of the new fifth-generation fighter aircraft (PAKFA) have exhausted their energy, the irony is that they respect the Five machines Chinese younger generation is being developed beyond "Citroen" fighter. China and Russia in order to meet the needs of the military, but also a fortune on the international arms market, Sukhoi fighter program had been turned out of the archive library.
New material:
Su -47 greatest weakness once the project is forward-swept wing defects in materials technology, so when a Russian-born scientists have developed a graphene material, the project team are focused vision to the top. After a series of abductions trick even political threat, Russia created the first nano-carbon materials research and development center, but lack of funds so that the Russians had to share the results of all the conditions for the exchange, access to China's full support. (But privately, China has reached a carbon fiber technology exchange agreement with the EU to prevent the nano-carbon technology can not promptly put into use)
Shortness service:
2012 Sukhoi announced when the "Golden Eagle" project restart hands ready to do the work: (1) the amount of the titanium alloy material produced 100 Su -47 in 2018, to add strength. (2) Follow the nano-carbon material production and improved version in 2020. So in 2018 serving "golden eagle" and he was thirty years ago, veteran S-37 prototype no different, equipped with four missile wing hang point and an internal weapons bay. Internal weapons bay can carry Kh-15 type nuclear missiles on the ground. Sometimes they keep up with changes planned, parted ways after the European Union and the United States, to develop the Eurofighter -3000 "west" flight in 2019, from any point of view this is a fifth-generation fighter. The superb maneuverability golden eagle grass child typhoon envisaged gust shattered. Broke out in 2020 between Russia and the EU Ukrainian crisis, the golden eagle is strictly prohibited to enter Ukraine's airspace, in case of emergency.
Mysterious improvements:
In the Sukhoi helpless on the occasion, China longer than expected by the project cut off financial support, so that the whole of the Russian aviation industry worse, and even affect the Su-50 in service. After the final series of meetings with consultations wrangling, China is willing to develop a one-time purchase of Su -47 all data, prototypes and production technology, I never imagined the joy of Sukhoi This is the last man to do business with China. Chinese Lunar New Year in 2021 and the Korea Federation, Vietnam established APA, in the second half for all new material unexpectedly Su-47 would put the service. The new F--37 (China code) fighter full use of the composite body, especially the use of a new wing of the nano-carbon, not only improve the performance of the supersonic cruise, but also reduce the radar reflection area. The new Su -47 fighter has almost become a Five, also helped the Citroen fighter final shape. Because the nano-carbon technology put to use time too, many Western media to produce a variety of conspiracy theories: Japanese nano-technology cooperation, he said; independent research and development, said the Chinese secret and even the United States via the Internet to steal the latest research, said today.
Service status
The first batch of Su-47, served in the Commonwealth of Independent States, Mongolia, India, in 2023 the number was 250.
The second batch of Su-47 (J--37) There are three models:
(1) multi-role fighter, large-scale exports, and served in the Pacific Union countries, Pakistan, Iran won the legendary models. African Union peacekeepers Asia-Pacific team returned 50 golden eagles disclosed deployed in Egypt, Tanzania and Ethiopia.
(2) on the ground enhanced, two-seat fighter-bomber generals legendary horse cautious tactical nuclear forces used to carry two types of unknown ground nuclear missiles.
(3) sea-based, were found in the test flight of China's latest nuclear aircraft carrier, photo mounts YJ anti-ship missiles.
Identification method: the only forward-swept wing fighter in service, taking care not with X-29, S-37 prototype confused
The above information comes from "Jane's Defense: 2023 Aircraft Encyclopedia"

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