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got a request about the complexity or sort of challinging or frustrating missions or tasks. read more about what OPCL exactly have for a gameplay mechanic.

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i think i have a slightly different type for designing quests;

you like to drive?
-did u have a licence for ? --> if not, solve a special mission to obtain it
-u have a licence but vehicle is broken ? --> repair it with wrench
-u did not have a wrench? --> buy it in a store
-not have money to buy a wrench? --> sn atch one or solve a minimission / minigame to obtain cash
-vehicle is now drivable, you have the licence but no fuel? --> refuel it... jerrycan with fuel needed
read the full article and discuss it here:


That all sounds pretty cool! How many missions will there be in the final release, or is it too early to say? And will it be set missions with a set story or more randomized? I mean as far as main objectives go, not mini-missions such as finding explosives or getting a disguise.

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pvcf Author

thank you SemiMono:)
no, its not early, only the missions in the citymap are not existing, all other are more or less finished.
i have already 6 maps, maybe 7. every map have mainmissions and submissions, submissions are optional (for example win a jetski race,---> gives you a driverlicence for jetski).
the mainmissions depends on type of the map, from map 2-5 they are story scripted and linear (thats why submissions are invented). in those maps the missionstructur is like the newsposting above, for example map2 have 8 such mainmissions which each needs some free submission effort to reach better results.
(13 submissions are planned for this map, i think).
one of such a submission is for example hunting 12 Pigs for a villager nearby the warehouse which is inside a fenced area.
if you solve the submission for the villager, he maybe borrow you his maintenace equipement (because its his job in the fenced area), so you can easier enter the area.
its all like that. but you can ofcourse find completely other ways to play this game.and you have ofcourse to explore the map byself to find such villagers and / or such submissions, they are not spotted or given by default.

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