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Day 4 of the "lets try and make a car in a week" project. Looks like I'm going to fail miserably after a bit of a rubbish day! Will I manage to finish the car tomorrow? Stay tuned to find out!

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Well well, that didn't go as planned one bit! - shame really.

As very correctly commented in the comments(?!?) of yesterdays news. The steering wheel was WAY too far away from the players point of view. This lead me to think "hang on, the entire cockpit is wrong" - which lead me onto this.....

Day 4 Progress

Hopefully, you'll see that I've re-modeled the entire cockpit in a day. - I don't mind telling you it was a bit of a nightmare, but I'm pretty pleased with the results. Obviously this is with a new steering wheel. New dials (that will probably be increased in Poly count now I look at them again) - and shifter, and switches, and safety switches, and LEDs (which are STUPIDLY detailed considering they are pretty much a pixel on the screen)

Day 4

(See? I really wasn't joking when I said it was a bit high on the polygon count!)

But the good news is that I've spent a considerable amount of time 'getting things right' for the car. I'm getting more and more happy with it as I go. And as you can see, I've even started texturing the cockpit! (well the main under-chassis really, but I'm moving onto the cockpit too)

the below screenshot is a bit dark, but you can sort of see the rusty colour scheme I'm going for. (plenty of scratches and dirt on this one) - there's also a really subtle undercarriage if you look closely.

Day 4 Progress

The good news? Well most of the stuff remaining is fairly generic stuff. The bars are pretty easy to texture as is the suspension. (I let the unity shaders carry most of the work there) - although I'm so into modelling this car now I'm actually thinking of letting my 5 day target slip a bit.

I think it'll be worth it in the end... Comments more than welcome (just please don't say the steering wheel is now too close! haha)

Thanks for reading!

warheart - - 58 comments

what have you done!!
the steering wheel is now too close!!


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StuntCarOnline Author
StuntCarOnline - - 42 comments

I really hope you're joking Warheart ;)

I'll move it back! :P

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ShrikeGFX - - 331 comments

why are the LEDs more round than the tacho ?

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a4great - - 56 comments

whats the background picture when you hit the edge of the map? looks beautiful! and the steering wheel does kinda get in your face...LOL/

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StuntCarOnline Author
StuntCarOnline - - 42 comments

ShrikeGFX: Um, because I wanted the taco's to be that shape, (Although actually looking at them again, maybe I could chuck in a few more poly's in them and make them round)

a4great: That's the skybox - made that by just creating a height map and rendering it in a package called terragen. :)

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