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An update regarding the new version of SCO and a bit of news as well.

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Phew, what a couple of weeks!, It's been easter break here in the UK so I've been away from my computer for two weeks, the break has been nice but I've missed working on StuntCar - it seems that there are a lot of Guest players and not that many people bothering to register to play the game, this is fine (I usually can't be bothered to go through a registration process myself) and I guess the incentive of saving your lap time isn't all that great.

How are the donations going?

A big fat ZERO.

Anyway, moving swiftly on to version 4.5

FEATURE: Added a head bounce joint to the car, so now the drivers head (when in camera mode 1) will 'lag' behind the car giving a much more realistic feel to the driving. Makes the impacts a lot more hefty.

BUG: I STILL had a few bugs with the registration process, basically, now, when you play the game you will automatically be upgraded in the forums to a "Player" group member, which means you can then post on the forums, (It'd be nice if someone said hello)

FEATURE: Added a new camera mode to the attract sequence, it's now a race rather than just one car doing a lap....

NEXT UP: I guess the next thing I'm going to look at is more tracks. Boy I'd really like about 80 dollars to buy bobstrack builder but I guess *sigh*, the donations aren't exactly flooding in...

Still, there's a few back-end kinds of things I can do to make sure the data for highscores and stuff gets sent and put in the right place (Currently the sql database only understands one track) - then I'll probably quickly bung out a "mirrored" track mode like the old Sega racing games, so I can test the database.

(there's a good chance the next version will be V0.5!)

Thanks for reading.


Bob's track builder looks like it's worth every penny. ;D But if you wanted to wait for it to build another track you cloud make some sort of stunt course, maybe a beach track since the car looks a bit like a baja buggy then all you would need is some way to create way points (something you'll need for later anyway) and a few cone assets to mark the way points.

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I forgot to donate, thanks for the reminder

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