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Work in progress video (low quality) of the upcoming new power attached to the main character : gravity power.

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So the main hero is having a new accessory: a cardboard bag. This bag will give more capabilities to the player during the game, all new powers will be added as pickup.

Below is a work in progress video (low quality) of the upcoming new power attached to the main character: gravity power. In the final version you will have more refine controls (short and long distance throw) and there will be a clear laser ray from the bag/player to the object to move. The power is working fine with a joystick or mouse (activate) +keyboard (throw).

This is opening quite a few opportunities for game mechanics like mega weapon, moving objects for puzzles and so on.


You should actually make him pin things on his head to carry them. Though... making a practical throwing animation would be difficult.

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I was thinking the same thing when I saw this -and then he could just point his head and fire as a throw animation. Though I clicked on another of their videos (SAQ Level 5) and the thumbtack dude was running around with a light bulb stuck on his head -not sure why but might be why they didn't go that route.

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daidokoro Author

Hi Thanks for the comments. The idea of having everything pin by the hero was an option but the quality/idea of animation was not realistic good enough. So decision was to keep the idea of the bag with extra power added as pickups, laser, parachute or bulb light (this is why this is on his head on level 5 as it is a super dark level). But i will think again of your idea and try maybe some iterations. Again thanks

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