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A summary of all the work that has been done on the game after the competition closed.

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First of all, the game's now going to be called Strobe Simulator 2014, because that's less likely to offend people, something that was overlooked for the competition entry. There's only a handful of notable changes for this version.

Strobe Simulator 2014 - Post-Comp Work
So so red. Pretty.

Firstly, the music used is now 'Trippy Claws and Glitchy Eye' by AsteroidBlues, a fantastic piece I found on Newgrounds. Secondly, there's lots of screen-shake when the spheres hit you, or when they explode. I managed to get this working thanks to a great library of code called iTween, which is made specifically for Unity and is completely free (which means there's literally zero reasons for a Unity developer to not grab it).

There's a working high score saving system, which can hold the ten best scores. Those scores are shown on the start menu, and get automatically saved whenever you die in the game. On top of that, the particle effect that plays when spheres explode can have a variety of colour to them, and the floor will turn the same colour to match the last particle explosion. It's just a small change, but it's a little less monotonous that just having red particles every time.

The pause menu's much improved too (the camera gets frozen in place while paused, and the cursor locking works much more effectively), and when the player gets damaged by a sphere, the screen flashes red for a bit, to emphasize the damage the player has taken.

This will be the last version released for the game, and it's on to another project!


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