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Play a trick on the streaming player: Just STEAL or HIDE some of his equipment/ inventory!

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This allows you to permanently steal the equipment. But you must be aware, that this is much more expensive than yust hiding some stuff:


Hiding means that you take the specific item and throw it somewhere in the surrounding of the player. In doing so the player is free to search the item (if he or she realized that the item is missing ;-))


Just visit the Twitch-Channel and look up all the commands. For stealing and hiding this would be:

  • "!steal itemclass"
  • "!hide itemclass"

where itemclass is one of the following:

  • helmet
  • pants
  • shirt
  • armor
  • glove
  • shoes
  • weapon
  • amulet
  • shield
  • inventory (bottom inventory with max 5 items)
  • backpack (main inventory with max 70 items)

Pay attention when selecting inventory or backpack, because every item, which you try to steal/ hide will cost another 20/ 3 gold! So this could really be expensive fun!


Here comes a Video Example!

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