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Some strategy elements done, ambient, mutant flora and fauna, 3D HUD, deploying allies, managing bases.

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The datacore

The datacore, a new base type, where you can research and manage other bases easily.

This type of base generally contains many advanced weapons, devices, equipments, but this type of base is also the most dificult to hack that you will ever find.

The datacore will be a required base to acess other countries bases, and also to hack other higher security robots and bases.



Alarms will not kill you, but triggering them will cause the dificulty to enhance, as activating them will result in things such as lasers, flammable materials,extra patrolling robots, locked doors, and many other things that will vary from base.

Mutant Ecosytem


Mutation is everywhere, orange is ignitite, green is mutated plants and red is ignite indicators on the cybersystem.

You will find in dark areas, plants, mutants, ignite, and many hazards, these are very dificult areas to explore, due to dense mutant vegetation and also ignite spreading to sections of the base.



Over time mutants will spread ignitite to all of the sections of the base, resulting in them taking control over the base, they will atack nearby bases controlled by you,once they have full control on a base they will spread to other bases, when mutants obtain control of 4 bases a country will be completely irradiated, and the world will take actions, such actions can be good or bad for you, nuclear bombing the country will destroy most of your bases.

Defending your bases

deploying allies

Protect your bases from humans, mutants and all kind of things that will damage your base

Assign robots to protect your base, or repair damaged sections, or even send robots to eliminate mutants.

Targeting system


The targeting system will help you on targeting enemies, detecting hazards, dont getting lost, and also seeing on dark areas, and repairing damaged parts of the base

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