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Nyx Studios is proud to announce their debut title due to release late November on IndieDB. [stranded] has been in production since February this year, and is well on it's way to completion. In this update we're just going to give a break

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[stranded] has been in production since February this year, and is well on it's way to completion.In these first few updates we're just going to give a breakdown on what features have been locked in to the gold version.

First we'll touch on the most exciting part of any game: the weapony.
In [stranded] you only have the one weapon, but the more objectives you complete, the more weapon modifications you'll receive, effectively expanding the arsenal at your disposal. With 3 utility weapons and five combat weapons, you'll be spoilt for choice, with a weapon mod to suit any occasion.

The utility weapons include the stun modification (no guesses as to it's uses,) the smoke mod (for escaping and obscuring enemies), and the bait mod (for luring wildlife). Just with these combined there's many opportunities for diverse gameplay.

The combative weapons start with three basic gun mods suited for different enemies and jobs, the rifle, the smg, and the shotgun mod. The last two, however, are a little more interesting. The acid-launcher creates a pool of acid, that slowly eats away at anything touching it (including you!). The weapon has a great risk of backfiring and is tricky to aim, but used right it can decimate groups of enemies.

The final weapon we are keeping to ourselves for now, but it's a doozy. You'll have to play to find out, though!

Any questions, comments, or suggestions for our game are greatly appreciated! You can contact us at or here on IndieDB!

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