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Storytelling - Who are the Creators in Lithic and how do they affect the gameplay?

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“A deafening silence, encompassing life and death, existence and extinction, joy and sorrow. That is the voice of the Creators.” - Isth'Krimt, Ix-Aan Prophet

The Creators are intangible, ethereal beings. They are the personification of the elements and the core of all life in the universe. It is unknown how many Creators there are, but it is clear that their influence spans the entirety of existence. Immortal, they exist in all times, all dimensions.

Before the Descent, the Creators crafted and maintained universes, using their immense power to shape planets and stars into existence with nothing but a thought. They trickled small amounts of themselves into their projects, sometimes crafting creatures with ideals similar to their own so that they can see how they'd fair as a “mortal”. Their power comes from an element that flows through all things, wild and malevolent. The Creators call this prime element “Magic”. It is through their mastery of Magic that the Creators form life, and through careful observation and manipulation, maintain it.

It was surprising then that the Ix-Aan succeeded in their ritual to ground the Creators. Allowing a lesser race the capacity to develop such power is unheard of, indeed an insane idea by all mortal standards. However, by orchestrating The Descent, the Ix-Aan not only brought about their own destruction but also placed countless other worlds and universes in peril. With the Creators bound to a single world, they are unable to maintain the balance of magical energy, meaning all existence could come apart at the seams, entire galaxies tearing themselves apart as Magic runs rampant.

After the Grounding, the Creators found themselves thrust into the bodies of a wide array of animals, others bound to the earth and trees. With this, the Creators were reduced to a mere fraction of their power, the minuscule amount they were left with also slowly starting to slip away. It is the Creator's current goal to regain their omnipotence and return to their previous stature, not only in order to reinstate balance, but to also stop themselves form ebbing away into nothingness.

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