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Hello guys, how you doing, I released my first storyline ever. This mod is made with mod DYOM, if you want to play this, make sure install DYOM and CLEO 4.3.

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,,Fort Carson once thought to be a small sandy town, but deep under the sand, lies crime so cold. It withers the blood and freezes the blood.''


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Hello guys, welcome to my first gangster's mission pack called: Fort Carson Stories There's will be 6 chapters of this MP, I still don't know, how much missions will be. So check more for many instructions.

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Scyler Jarnson is a kid, who's is a gangbanger in Fort Carson town, he likes killing people, even the gangs: The Red Bloodz, El Diablos. He doesn't care about his father's job, Scyler wants to create a gang with his partners, but the problem is, Scyler's Father, Charles, don't want the son to be a criminal, but Scyler doesn't listen to his father.

His journey will be a long time.

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  • Mission Series changed to storyline
  • You can play as two playable characters
  • New DYOMtemp.txt
  • It will be 6 Chapters.

Pricedown Black

1996, Fort Carson

Fort Carson Becomes worst town. Full crime and violence.

Scyler Jarnson is a 21 years old kid, who wanted to be ice cold killer or gangsta. He cares about fight some bad guys and kills everyone. The Red Bloodz and El Diablos want to take over all the town with blood and extortion.

But Scyler creates a new gang called: The Green Bullets. While he creating the gang, everyone is learning the streets and take over all places.

Scyler didn't take personal, but an opportunity to become ice cold killer of The Green Bullets and rise of the Most Wanted men in Fort Carson, he made it, but with a different way.

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Scyler Jarnson (Protagonist)

A playable Character, who wants to be an ice-cold killer or gangbanger

Martin Sparnes (2nd Protagonist)

A 2nd Playable character, who lives here in Fort Carson for 2 years. While he's in battle, he raging so much! He has good abilities.

Charles Jarnson

He's a Scyler's father, who's working in Resturant, he doesn't want to be his son ice-cold killer.

Shane Morris

A fat-man, who are addicted to food like Big Smoke, he always being a tired man, while he's in battle.

John Taner

He's a leader of Baker's Bikers, he's just a crazy man, who let Scyler work and is he gonna work with Scyler's gang?

Myles Corns

He's helping to Scyler kill some other gang dudes, he's addicted to guns and he's always hiding in here because gangs can come to kill him, he's wanted.

Armando Bulvando

A Mexican idiot, who f*cked up a friend Myles. He was a man of El Diablos.

Ronnie Blake

He's been an old member in El Diablos gang, but now, he betrayed his land and home.

The Trip

He's an old man, who's giving tasks to Scyler, he's addicted to weed.

Sean Paul

He's a prisoner of Fort Carson town, The Trip said for Scyler to rescue him.

Oliver Saiva

A Jamaican man, who's arrived in Fort Carson with his cousin's for 5 years

Officer Rumby

A corrupted officer, who's doesn't let Scyler make a gang, he always watching him.

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The Red Bloodz:


A most dangerous gang in the Fort Carson, they really are brutal.

El Diablos:


A Mexican gang in the Fort Carson, they angry and they want to be on top.

The Bakers Bikers:


A bikers in the Fort Carson, they are well armed with guns

The Green Bullets:


The main gangster gang, it made by Scyler Jarson, an ice cold or gangsta killer.

Few words for me:

This storyline is gonna take a while to complete since there's a problem to me, I can't log in DYOM Web, but I'm uploading missions in Mediafire.

I'm kinda busy right now because I'm going to school, doing some exams and I have a lot of work, by the way, those skins are not mine, it's from Drumbolo, special thanks to him for creating those skins.

Pricedown Black

Demo: Carson Stories DEMO.rar

Chapter 1:

Part 1: The Beginning

1. Fort Carson, the worst town

2. Showing Respect

3. Sneaky Gangsta

4. Mysterious Guy

5. Nines and Guns

6. Explosive Situation

7. The Chase

8. Trash Talk

Part 2: Learning the Streets

9. Disguise Time

10. Big BOOM!

11. V.I.P.

12. Car Stealer

13. Turismo

14. Parties Over!

15. Strong Bullet

16. Home Invasion

Part 3: New Life

17. Bridge's Rise

18. Kick them out!

19. Barracks

20. Defense

21. The Forest Spies

22. The Neighbour

23. Doberman

24. Drug Killer

Part 4: New Gang

25. New Safehouse

26. New Partners

27. Homeboy

28. Ronnie is in Trouble!

29. Angry Friends

30. The Punishment

31. Home Defend

32. The Green Bullets

More Missions Coming Soon!


The Black Street:

Dropbox....Evil Street.rar

The Red Bloodz (Remake)

El Diablos



  • Martin: For making this MP
  • Dutchy3010 and PatrickW: For making a mod: DYOM (Design Your Own Mission)
  • Drumbolo: For making those skins.
  • Rockstar North: For making the game: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
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