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Now you're facing the crossroad. Who will win, the subspecies or the normal? The good or the evil?

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The storyline is one of the most interesting parts of Project D.N., I think. It's too early to make all the ideas into a game, rather than something else. Maybe I will talk about it in later days. Later than the whatsnew about the gameplay, the weapons, the items, etc.


The supernatural power, is something deeply hidden in human history. It's never been utilized efficiently, until some time in the future. Some people devote themselves to studying it, and they have different opinions gradually. Some of them consider that they can control the world by utilizing it, and others go against that idea.

A half-secret research plan, Project DarkNight, is under control of good people. The object of this project is to select some talented people, develop their super power, and make it useful in high-tech products. Bad people think that the ones take part in Project D.N. are stumbling blocks on their way.

One day, Gretel's school is attacked by terrorists. As one of the subjects of Project D.N., she fights back, but there are still many casualties, and she's wounded fatally. The senior executives of Project D.N. confirm that, a mercenary company called Grandview, the represent of a secret evil organization, is responsible for this attack.

After that, Gretel is kept alive by great effort, and finally she's recovered. She's informed that Grandview is going to take some big action. Before long, the mercenaries supported by Grandview launch riots all over the world, while the global depression is going on. The city where Gretel lives, is in war. The operation of police and military is a total failure. They don't prepare enough, even some of them are sympathetic to the "revolutionaries." Soon, they lose the first fight.

The real purpose of evil organization is to test their super power high-tech weapons in the chaos, making preparations for future plots. Gretel and her friends realize that it's the time to choose their future. However, the second fight won't be easy. The mercenaries take over many parts of the city. Heavy weapons are waiting for the ones who fight with them.

The duty falls onto Gretel. Her mission is to destroy the high-tech weapons of evil organization, and capture her old enemy, Winter, who is a thug of Grandview, also a master of super power. Before that, Gretel has to rescue an informer, Snow, who happens to be the sister of Winter. Fortunately, Gretel is not alone. Her friends will help her during this mission.

Soon, Gretel drives a spacecraft to a certain coordinate, ready to reach landing zone. Even determined to revenge, she can feel the blood smell and the horror below her...

That's all you need to know, by now. The rest can be found in the game. It's more or less something like the anime fantasy story, with apocalypse atmosphere. This is the way I speak out what I want to, and that's why the storyline is so important, especially for people like me who live on the land where the freedom is taken away.

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