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The Storyline is now updated and now has a unique plot with characters.

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In 2088, Black Water Research Facility , Alaska , USA Discovered a planet E6660 a
planet which could possibly have life on it so they sent out a signal the
signal brought back our extinction.We won the war for a heavy cost the rich now
live on a planet lightyears away which is now their new home but for the poor
they still live here. While those on
Earth are policed by ruthless robots,T8804 citizens live in absolute comfort.Earth has been ravaged from war thirty years prior with an
extraterrestrial attacker.The Moon was destroyed, causing earthquakes and
tsunamis, while humans allegedly used nuclear weapons for a costly victory.Humanity
is now said to be relocating to planet T8804, a large space defense network
preventing the poor from moving out. On Earth,Jack Farmer Ex- USMC now a
Scientist, his partner and his family are among the few humans left on Earth.
Stationed at a Habitat in former northeastern United States, they are
instructed by an Artificial Intelligence the protector of the SD defense
network to protect the offshore fusion energy generators from aliens and the
Resistance these generators power the entire colonies on planet Earth and also
generates power for the Facilities defense mechanisms. The generators are
protected by Drones. After having had a memory wipe, Jack experiences visions
when he visits many places he then remembers about the war and suffers from
shell shock.Jack in the end finds a way to destroy the Space Defense Mechanism
and relocate the poor out of planet Earth.A new enemy now enters the
scene Max Riley On Max`s orders, his men exterminate the political officers of
T8804, in order to seize control for himself. Meanwhile, Jack and his friend Sam
having escaped his confinement,.He heads for the SD platforms core but is
ambushed by Max now equipped with a military-grade exoskeleton far superior to his.
In the ensuing fight, Sam manages to disable Max`s suit. However, Sam hurls Max over a ledge to his death.Jackand Sam reach the platforms computer core, where the program's activation will
kill Jack and Sam if they are present as after activation the device will self
destruct. Sam personally activates the program, having spoken a last time with
Jack via radio. As Sam dies, T8804`s computer core reboots and registers every
Earth resident as a T8804 citizen.The Resistance on Earth are then evacuated by
dropships to T8804 and given medical treatment.Jack howeverremains back and lives in his wooden home with his family and are now the last
human existence on Earth.Protecting our home from extraterrestrial aggressors.In
the end a planet just like Earth only with its continents reversed basically a
counter Earth is discovered.T8804`s president prepares for a relocation first
by two companies of USA & Russia .Once they reach Counter Earth a dispute
as to how much land will be divided between the companies lead to a war both on
Counter Earth and T8804.

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