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I spent bloody ages on this, this is the history up to the point you start the game. I will continue to work on it. Tiberian Destiny - A Battlefield II Total Conversion Setting: 78 years post Tiberian Sun. Basic Story: An accident at a Nod Chrono Temple caused a temporal anomaly sending several hundred

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I spent bloody ages on this, this is the history up to the point you start the game.

I will continue to work on it.

Tiberian Destiny - A Battlefield II Total Conversion

Setting: 78 years post Tiberian Sun.

Basic Story: An accident at a Nod Chrono Temple caused a temporal anomaly sending several hundred people in the surrounding areas forward in time, the anomaly was so unstable there was no definite exit point, so the people were scattered out. Some emerge from the anomaly years, months and days before you do, others appear days after you. You have to get your stuff together and fight the mutants.

History: The Great War:
Albert Einstein, The most intelligent scientist at the Allied forces disposal tested his theory of time travel in the form of the Philadelphia project. He tested the theory of time travel on an Allied war ship, the test however was a dismal failure, when the ship re-appeared, soldiers on board where found to be either dead, missing or attached to the ship’s hull. As years went by and the time travel experiments progressed and proved successful, it was time to take the experiment and convert it into a useful piece of technology. Albert Einstein, with the go ahead from the Allied main office of Command, constructed what was to be called the “Chronosphere”.

New Mexico, 1946:
With the construction of the Chronosphere complete. After a pain staking wait it was time for Einstein to test the full effect of the Chronosphere, he had secretly longed to change the history of one such brutal war, he sat into the Chronosphere and after a few seconds he vanished back in time. Einstein successfully reappeared in 1923 outside of Lands burg prison. It was a dull day, rain was pouring from the sky, and a youthful Hitler walked out the main gates of Lands burg prison, after being imprisoned for a failed military takeover of Germany. Albert Einstein greeted Hitler and they talked, followed by a hand shake that erased Hitler from existence forever, and sent Einstein back to 1946. Einstein successfully reappeared. Before being integrated into the new timeline, Einstein suddenly realized the error of what he had done.
Assistant: “Did you find him?”
Einstein: “Hitler is out of the way”
Assistant: “Congratulations, with Hitler removed…”
Before he could finish Einstein said “Time will tell, sooner or later, time will tell…”. Before Einstein could finish he was integrated into the new timeline and all actions he and his assistant had committed where gone.

The ‘New’ Great War:
Hitler was gone and World War II never took place in the years it should have done. Somewhere in the late 1950’s - early 1960’s Stalin’s thirst for power grew, the shift in time saw the speed up of technological advances in Russia. Stalin gave the order for all Soviet forces to invade the European continent, he had longed to unite Europe with mother Russia, and now the time had come. After several months of warfare and many casualties Stalin’s forces were powerful and had control of the entire European continent. All he had to do to succeed was seize one more province, which was not going to give up the fight, that country was Great Britain. With a burst of troops, tanks and Apaches, provided by the UN, the Allied forces managed to fight back and regain control of a small part of the European Continent. As soon as this was done they had a foothold and the bases they needed to extensively multiply the production of infantry, tanks and aircrafts. They then began a massive campaign to regain control of Europe. As the war came to a close, the Allies had smashed into the Kremlin and destroyed what lingering Soviet forces there were left. Stalin’s high-ranking officer, Kane, had vanished. The Allies began a massive search to locate Stalin’s body. Three Allied soldiers stumbled across his body almost completely buried in rubble, as they were about to dig him out, General Stavros appeared, he had long since craved vengeance against Stalin for the destruction of Greece, and ordered the troops to “move out…”. He then gagged Stalin, and buried him completely alive.

Many years later, a new war begins, 1995:
A meteorite crash-lands next to the River Tiber, Italy. The crash site was investigated by Nod scientists soon afterwards, and strange, crystal-like plants were discovered, sprouting out of the ground, growing at an exponential rate. The effects of this new substance baffled the scientific community, scientists discovered it was highly radioactive and lethal to biological organisms, anything biological the substance came into contact with had a very strange reaction, and had a tendency to mutate after a very short time, prolonged exposure to it was deadly. They named this substance “Tiberium”. In the same year the United Nations passed the “United Nations global defence act” and the Global Defence Initiative was formed (‘GDI’). Their mission and primary objective was to safeguard the world against all acts of terrorism. The Brotherhood of Nod had emerged throughout the preceding years after the ‘New’ World War II, as the largest terrorist organization in the world. They are a culmination of many merciless and cruel terrorist groups. The ground was set for a major war between these two powerful organizations, which would lead to deaths of countless innocent lives.

A New Era Begins:
The Brotherhood of Nod was the first to harvest this unique mineral (Tiberium). They had a more vast understanding of the material than GDI, which allowed them to collect Tiberium at the minimum of mining expenses. GDI was slow to catch up, but they succeed in capturing a Nod Tiberium facility and began their own harvesting operations. The war had takes on a new level, Nod gets supplies from all over the world, and manage to get their hands on nuclear weapons. As the war rages on; Tiberium begins to surface in every country on earth. Further meteor impacts occur, each meteor carrying and dispersing more Tiberium.

2002, Nod Research Operations Grow More Sinister:
Nod had always been highly interested with Tiberium, but around 2002 research operations became much more complex, as new technology became available Kane came to realise there was much more Tiberium could be used for than just it’s trade value. Kane sees the potential for a weapon and orders his dark, secretive science divisions to look further into the mineral; they begin all kinds of morally-questionable experiments. Chemical weapons are conceived and developed. Troops are outfitted with Chemical Spray packs, Chemical spray tanks are designed. The war enters an era of biological warfare.

2000, GDI develops, tests and utilizes a ground breaking Space based ionic satellite:
Using advanced methods the satellite charges and accelerates ionic particles and discharges them in a high-energy beam at a target on earth.
They finally use this weapon on the temple of Nod, wiping out the structure and supposedly killing Kane himself, no remains of him are ever found. The battle twists and turns as Nod continues to fight in disarray.

>Tiberian Dawn Ends<

2001, GDI decide to revive the Chrono technology, they feel they could use it as a weapon:
Nod discovers GDI’s plan and are not going to let them take the technology to the point of offence. And naturally they feel they could benefit from the technology also.

2002, Nod attacks GDI's Chronosphere-Research Centre:
And steals all blueprints and research information and destroys the research facility.

They return to their secret main science base in Northeast Asia and begin construction of “The Temple Of Time”, this is discovered by GDI spy planes, General Shepherd dispatches the new class of experimental orca bomber, or the “Free Bird” as it was codenamed, this was outfitted with a high energy, single-shot Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) array, this was sent in low over Asia on a mission to disable the temple while GDI sends in it’s heavy weapons to take back the technology. But had the great misfortune of engaging the Temple with the EMP just as Nod began the first test cycle… the original plan by nod was to send a small platoon through the Chrono Gate in an attempt to decipher the side effects of time travel, nothing really significant, Nod saw the bomber approaching on the early warning system… but by the time the Anti Aircraft batteries had a chance to lock on to the Free Bird the EMP had already detonated, it was already too late… the resulting power surge caused a chain reaction… first there was a huge energy cascade in the portal generators, the main reactor fractured in the resulting explosion causing a huge overload in the portal emitters, there’s a huge flash and as a Chrono-wave descends in an outwardly radial fashion, basically a massive bubble of refracting light expanded outwards consuming anything in it’s path, chronoshifting it’s matter from the current time and dimension, through the rift caused by the explosion… the destination you end up in is unknown… the time is inconceivable. (The date is 2074)

The event is covered up and events continue…

2005, Tyrannosaurus DNA discovered:
See link:

2006, the first Tiberium loaded warhead is fired:
The target is a small, yet highly populated, GDI outpost. The target coordinates are confirmed and the missile begins its descent, it flies in hard and fast and impacts in the centre of the base, inflicting minimal structural damage, but delivering its deadly payload into the heart of the population. All personnel are caught off guard and almost instantly succumb to the drifting green gas…
Nod reconnaissance units in the form of an apache squad scramble, they circle the base with orders to take notes of anything unusual. No more than 48 hours after the missile strike, the recon squad finally arrives at what was once was a GDI outpost. The squad discovers a now strange, alien landscape, with Tiberium-mutated flora and fauna. Strange mutant creatures are spotted, wallowing in the now Tiberium-covered base.
The results of the test fire prove shocking, Tiberium this concentrated proved to be much more in favour of organic mutation. Rather than just killing the population, they had caused the majority of the personnel to mutate into hideous, unexplainable creatures.

Two days later:
A science team is sent in, in an attempt to collect samples, the creatures are discovered to be extremely hostile, and the 25-man strong team is wiped out with in minutes.

2008, Tyrannosaurus DNA is finally cloned by neutral scientists:
The T-Rex is cloned and held in captivity.

Several years pass and weapons change, 2012:
In the passing years the spread of Tiberium becomes chronic, its no longer valued as a resource, but a threat, there seems to be no stopping its onslaught. Tiberium threatens the existence humanity itself. Animals mutate further, strange vicious beasts now roam the earth. Plants also mutate, to the point where the line between flora and fauna begins to blur. To such a degree they become a real hazard to anything that gets too close to them. The earth’s atmosphere itself begins changed, becomes more radioactive. The ionic levels of the atmosphere grow to alarming levels, causing frequent and random Ionic Storms, basically Thunder storms with a very high strike-rate, and a much higher charge. These storms can and do strike and level entire cities. They are very deadly and cause anything airborne to shutdown. Any aircraft currently travelling when a storm takes place will most certainly crash, relatively instantly. Anything with the technology to hover will also cease to function.
Nod utilizes concentrated Tiberium to mutate humans to increase physical strength, for the purpose of cyber-augmentation. Nod uses the mass produced Cyborgs as a weapon.
Humans are forced to live in ravaged towns and villages, and areas with high amounts of Tiberium radiation, civilians are constantly exposed to the radioactive atmosphere, and a lot of them mutate, only slightly however, but they themselves become toxic, and are shunned from what’s left of society, with nowhere to go, not even GDI, they are forced to live in abandoned villages, forced to live among their own kind, they live a primitive existence.

2014, The Mutant faction is established:
The mutants, or ‘Shiners’ as they are nicknamed, who live away from the rest of humanity become tired of being outcast, and form their own alliance, they take up arms and become a resistance group. Their ranks are high in numbers.

2015 - 1016, ‘Cabal’ is developed, tested, adapted and finally installed as Nod’s Artificial Intelligence unit.
This unit is highly intelligent, much more so than GDI’s AI ‘EVA’. Cabal is capable of making its own decisions.

>2020, The Tiberian Sun War Takes Place<

This war is fought tooth and nail, to everyone’s shock and horror, Kane reappears, where he actually came from is a mystery, but cloning is suspected.

A mysterious Alien ship appears out of nowhere and crash lands on earth. GDI and Nod both race to the ship, GDI think they got there first but after holding off a large decoy offensive, discover it had already been cleaned out. No Life forms are discovered aboard. The Alien race who created the ship, which never become apparent, are nicknamed “The Scrin”.

It is later discovered there was a mysterious device aboard, named the ‘Tacitus’.
This device is “The Rosetta Stone” of all knowledge and power, and once decoded will reveal the very code to life itself, with the information gained from the Tacitus, one can make or break cities, and create advanced weapons and technology.

It is discovered the alien ship was actually created by Kane, with the knowledge gained from the Tacitus.

The end of the Tiberian Sun war is marked by the attempted launch of one huge Tiberium missile, created under Kane’s supervision; this missile is loaded with a pod of super-concentrated Tiberium chemicals. Once launched the missile will ascend to just above the atmosphere, at which point the main thrusters will break away, the pod will then shed-off its outer casing, revealing the earth changing component, (a curious greed orb, there isn’t much information on what it is, only that it was created with the Tacitus). It seems to detonate releasing a huge green wave, reducing earth to a Tiberium wasteland, the entire face of the earth will me terraformed into one huge mutated mass.

The Chrono- Incident back in 2002 set the timeline on a skew which caused events to change…
The missile is actually launched… GDI, anticipating this launch, intercept it with anti-missile countermeasures; the missile is destroyed safely and falls back to earth in a ball of fire. But, to GDI’s horror, there is a second missile that had also been prepared, as a backup (the Chrono incident caused Nod to be more careful). This is fired as soon as the first is destroyed; the missile reaches its climactic altitude and detonates…The GDI space station ‘Philadelphia’ can only watch as the large green flare consumes earth, setting the Ozone layer alight with a green glow.
All Global Communications simultaneously go down. All network traffic instantly ceases to exist. The Philadelphia comms’ deck is flooded with radio traffic; a sporadic wave of shouting from troops on earth, as the earth is consumed, then falls silent. An eerie cloak of silence falls over humanity…after a seemingly endless stare in disbelief, the crew of the Philadelphia’s ops deck turn to each other, then all look round at General Solomon, but, as he opens his mouth to take a deep breath, and give the crew’s next order, three large ICBMs come screaming up from the darkness of earth, slamming into the station’s hull, ripping apart the central bulkheads, decks rupture and break up. The Philadelphia is destroyed, killing all personnel onboard in a ball of fire. Flaming debris rains onto the earth.

2020, Survivors emerge from the ravaged earth, stunned and confused they ask themselves “Why am I still alive?”
Fortunately this orb was of a much lower yield, although still delivering its earth changing payload, it only terraforms the earth to a much weaker version of what the first one would have.

Many people survive, they attempt to rejoin their forces, most people who survived were underground, or in armoured bases. Any one caught outside were either killed or mutated, all animals mutate into dangerous beasts.

Both GDI and Nod engage in Skirmishes with these highly aggressive creatures. Spread out over the earth, and cut off from the rest of their forces in other countries, no faction has any way of knowing what actions their comrades in other continents were taking. In most countries the remaining populations of all sides recognise the real enemy to be the mutants and unite. However in others GDI and Nod continue to fight.

2028, The earth pulls itself together.
By now most of the planet’s population has formed their own resistance factions, utilizing old technology and weapons made from scrap.
Almost all the sides in various continents have managed to make contact with other parts of the world. The biggest faction, in America, takes charge of the other factions and forms a global alliance called “The Resistance” – Their main enemy is the “New Order” the mutant faction that was formed back in 2014 has grown in it’s numbers by billions.

2037, The alliance between Cabal and the mutants is discovered
The mutants come across the base that houses Cabal’s core components and does what Slavik would have already done, if the timeline had remained unchanged, they see Cabal as a valuable resource and rebuild his core. Cabal is activated and instantly sees the mutants as an abundant resource, he takes command of the mutants and persuades them that cyber augmentation would help them win the war; he gave the mutants the locations of Nod secret supply bases and told them to install his application into various automated weapons factories. He immediately begins construction of weapons for the mutants, as well as cyber implants, he begins construction of his Cyborg army.

He recognises the T-Rex DNA as a valuable resource; he acquires it through mutants and sets about cloning them, once cloned he mutates them with Tiberium and manipulates their DNA to make them much more deadly and compatible with the Cyber implants he then installed on them.

He sets about his demented quest against the rest of humanity.

>2074, Enter… YOU<
The event back in 2002 thrust you into this time zone… people were scattered years, months weeks and days before you, and people will continue to phase in after you for weeks.

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