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first i will say sorry for not updating this page things have been very stressful of late but are starting to look good and now on to the story

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okay to the little details
the purposes of this mod is to make freelancer evolve into the EV Nova story line wile keeping the good parts of freelancer somewhat intact so i will be be writing a storyline that will help our moders do this!
however i will do this in a way that makes everyone happy. so here goes
i will wright down the storyline as i have envisioned it(wait for it!) but it will be you the players that will make the final story line!!!!. i do not mean thought role play in game no that is already been done you will get to diside the history of the game and of factions as well as the main storyline of the sp part of this game i am currntly trying to set up a forum to do this but i am very busy(hopefully with your help that will change) for now you may post your idea's and if they are to long then feel free to pm me with them all of your ideas will be look at with the utmost respect and be given the utmost care i can not promise you that i will use them all and pleas forgive me if i don't. for all those that really try to get there ideas into the mod and for some reason don't there will be opportunity's for them in future chapters

to hit the weasel with the hammer before he shows his head
these things will not be welcome
1.stealing ideas from other people
2.making fun of others idea's(leave that for me....kidng of course)
3repeated posting of your idea(no mater how you will make it sound different)(if you post your idea and want to change it pm me with the idea and how you will like to change it)

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