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Overview of story-line and the new factions, summaries, and alliances.

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General story:

In the late 21st century, the United States government collapses from exploding debt, bureaucratic incompetence, internal divisions, ineptitude in the face of threats, and rampant disease. This has led to a sudden increase in global instability as old rivalries and grievances were unbounded and returned to the forefront. Which side will emerge victorious? That is up to you.

Faction #1: Werewolves

Combat style: Unconventional (Guerilla)

Tactical Focus: Flexibility

Tactical Strengths: Unrivaled AT

Tactical Weakness: Weak armor (No armor HQ)

Special Weapons: “Double Tap” and “Triple Tap” AT Weapons

After the emergence of chaos on American soil, the Werewolves were one of several competing militias that merged on American soil. After the subsequent U.R.E. occupation and its endeavor to restore order in the former United States by force, the Werewolves remain the greatest single threat that can deter U.R.E .

Faction #2: United Republic

Combat style: Conventional

Tactical Focus: Precision Attack

Tactical Strengths: Exceptional air power, Powerful armor

Tactical Weakness: Limited Artillery

Special Weapons: Lasers

Successor state to US.

After the collapse of the US government, European NATO, at the behest of the U.N. Security Council, occupied North America to restore order. Absorbing the remnants of the US military and its arsenal, the United Republic has begun to deploy predominately American units and armor.

Faction #3: Russia

Combat style: Conventional

Tactical Focus: Defense

Tactical Strengths: Exceptional armor, powerful air power

Tactical Weakness: Limited light vehicles

Special Weapons: EMP Weapons

Russia is interested in defending its country and global interests. Russia’s secret support to the Werewolves earned it the ire of U.R.E and its allies, leading to global conflict.

Faction #4: Bandits

Combat style: Unconventional

Combat style: Guerilla/Unconventional

Tactical Focus: Speed

Tactical Strengths: Exceptional vehicles

Tactical Weakness: No dedicated bombers

Special Weapons: Chemical Weapons

Without a powerful local government to curtail them, many factions of criminals and anarchists emerged in the western hemisphere. The most powerful of these factions would be founded in South America, where they gained the financial backing of wealthy drug cartels. Eventually these bandit factions joined forces in a loose alliance to resist anyone who would impede their newly found “freedoms”.

Faction #5: African Confederacy

Combat style: Mixed

Tactical Focus: Range

Tactical Strengths: Exceptional artillery

Tactical Weakness: Weak economy

Special Weapons: Vehicle Mortars

In response to the disease of banditry spreading across the world in the wake of global chaos, the nations of Africa came together to jointly resist threats to their continent’s security. Allying itself to its northern neighbor, U.R.E., the Confederacy has gained limited access to European equipment and firepower. However, this alliance has also made the Confederacy a target of Russia and its allies.

Faction #6: Grand Caliphate

Combat style: Mixed

Tactical Focus: Expendable units

Tactical Strengths: Inexpensive Units

Tactical Weakness: No Helicopters

Special Weapons: Suicide Units

Designed similar to C&C’s GLA.

Without the US providing support to Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern nations, radicals used the current global chaos as an opportunity to unify the lands of Arabia by force.

Faction #7: China

Common name: E.D.F

Combat style: Conventional

Tactical Focus: Quantity

Tactical Strengths: Can field more units per building than any other faction

Tactical Weakness: Weak Defenses

Special Weapons: Flames

China is interested in defending its country and global interests.

Faction #8: United Republic of Europe

Combat style: Conventional

Tactical Focus: Precision Attack

Tactical Strengths: Powerful armor, unrivaled air power

Tactical Weakness: Limited Artillery

Special Weapons: VTOL Aircraft

EU successor state.


Horizontal Alliance: United Republic, United Republic of Europe, African Confederacy

Vertical Coalition: Russia, China, Werewolves

Radicals: Bandits, Grand Caliphate

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