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Thanks to the great Cpl Rush We now got a idea for a story. Read to see the first story of our mod.

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We now know what we are going to do for our mod. We will have different stories with different people that in the end connect to each other Kinda like CoD

Teacher’s Nightmare by Cpl Rush

Keith Nathan, a daily high school teacher, went onto his lunch break. There
was one last class in history of the United States before he could go
home for today. He tutored as he had learned himself, some facts and
book reading, some asking around and a end game. The students at the
school liked Keith, and he thought they were a nice gang, well most of
them. He disliked the smokers and the muggers. They were a filthy gang,
and Nathan had beaten one of them down. The cops understood the
self-defense action taken and he was free to go with blood on his
fists. He never forgot that day.
was walking down the street, then something struck his mind. It was a
pain, very harsh. He lifted his right arm on his head and felt the pain
in his fingers. He kept spinning around and holding his hands on his
face, walking around. -”Hey, watch out!” A voice yelled from a
location. Time slowed down, Keith opened his eyes and looked through
his fingers, the blue river, his jacket flaring. He saw it closing in,
and he opened his mouth. All that came out was emptiness, but water
streamed in. He’s expensive black shoes and red tie, his watch!
Everything was wet and destroyed. But he could hardly breathe. He
floated, and his vision blurred. He felt an extreme pain going through
his body. Everything turned dark…
woke up at the side of the river, far down somewhere. He spit up a lot
of water, feeling it aching in his lungs. He looked around with a
small, blurred vision. Papers filled with school work and his own work,
a briefcase which they was in and a weapon floated down the river. He
stood still, watching it float by. He put his hands on his tight white
shirt, looking for any blood or puncture wounds. Later came a cops
body, with blood and a bullet wound. Keith gathered his mind and
checked for an alternate route through the woods. Behind him was a deep
going harsh river, jumping into it would ensure him death. In front of
him was a dark wood filled with mysteries, and he didn’t even have a
Keith searched for a weapon he could use before he went into the dark
wood. There had been reports of missing persons, blood marks, parts of
bodies and yet, no one had been brave enough to make a map of the
found a broken piece of iron further down the river, it should work out
for now. Secondary objective was now primary, survive.

To Be Continued

That's where the story starts.

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