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The state of tiberium universe after Firestorm expansion.

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Transmission #40309

... with Kane's death, the world is approaching the desired peace, despite Nod continuous fighting every GDI presence on their, fewer day by day, territories. Tiberium growth is rapidly accelarating, compelling world most brilliant scientists to find a cure, be it a miraculous placebo or a final anti-tiberium weapon...


... latest official GDI intel indicates that Mutants are against further continuation of relations and alliances between them and the GDI protected, civilised zone...


... fifteen Mutants killed in the incident in...


GDI Soldier looks up just to see a flashing blade coming fast at his face. Then he sees utter darkness.
Then the light at the end of the tunnel.
Finally glowing light...
... tiberium-glowing light.

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