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A big change of plans that will bring a better result.

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For the past few months, I've thought about redoing a few things because I was learning new things while working on the game. Eventually, I've came to the choice to just revamp the game entirely. Here is whats new;

  • Added a dash attack that launches the enemies up, stunning them.
  • Enemies react to being attacked better.
  • New HUD design that shows the drawn portrait of the character; Drawings provided by 1Her0.
  • A new playable character, ERRAGOT; A robot that can fly for a certain amount of time and shoots. Hes only initiated in certain levels within the story.
  • Fixed up the background designs.
  • Added a new type of movement; bars or anything you can hang onto. You can move left or right while hanging and jumping allows you to do a backflip off the bars thats higher than the normal jump.
  • New death animation for Krauser.

There will be a flood of updates coming shortly and thank you for checking out the game!

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