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Here's chapters zero and one of the backstory of Arcane Raise.

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Chapter I - Ab aeterno (...from past; eternity in a moment...)

The kingdom was peaceful, the land was fertile and its people prosperous. Until the day they came; the tables were turned in the blink of an eye. All hope was lost in an instant, as armies of tens of thousands of elite soldiers were obliterated in one fell swoop. The flames and smoke rising from the destruction filled the skies as all of man's creation turned to ashes and came undone. No one knew what they were, or where they came from and to this day, no one does still. Perhaps, it matters none what happened on that day, not anymore...

With no one to tell the stories and no soul to carry the burden of time, the events are hard to recall precisely. Remnants of an age long forgotten are scattered throughout the endless void of a lifeless world, a reminder of our glory lost; ad nihilum redire. With every beginning comes an end, and there is an end to every beginning; a chain unbroken for eons has been broken. Pure evil in their hollow eyes, the foul shades of nefarious demons shall roam these desecrated lands forever and ever. The pernicious spread of vile corruption to the depth of this abyss. Usque ad finem!

For what can you protect when there is nothing left to defend? What will you fight for when there is no cause left to believe in? War has no meaning with only one side left standing. Shattered dreams echo through the endless halls of the history as phantoms of the dead scream in pain for all of eternity. Lives unborn, promises unfulfilled, barren lands never to blossom, is what's left of what once was. With no light left to cast the shadows of the darkness, the only path left for the destiny to take is to remember before it forgets. A khronos unbroken with an infinity to unwind...

Chapter ∅ - In memoriam (...genesis; what once was...)

Seen through weary eyes, there's a story no one buys, of a city wherein cool breeze never dies down. Go far beyond seas, deep through mountains, and you'll reach the utopian city of Emerald. The pleasant summerland rejuvenates all within. Called Emerald for it is green as grass. True beauty lies within. Highrise flats in its outskirts, with tallest skyscrapers being bushes and short tress. Uninterrupted view in a city besieged by dense forests with unbroken sunshine guiding the way. Transparent clouds with silver linings decorate its blue skies.

Windows of diamond, doors of gold, roofs of silver illuminate the night. With streets covered in leaves, the day is dominated by a colorful tranquility. Peaceful, quiet. People; angels in this heaven. Love well-known, hate unknown, peace embedded deep within their bone. Their sight so bright you can see the light in their eyes. Their heart so warm you can feel their hope undying, everlasting. Sadness deteriorates, suffering and pain are words long forgotten. People are brothers and fulfilled.

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