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The storyline to the story that still needs improvement and finishing off. I do have the whole storyline thought up but I'm not very descriptive when it comes to this sort of stuff.

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The storyline to the story that still needs improvement and finishing off. I do have the whole storyline thought up but I'm not very descriptive when it comes to this sort of stuff.
Although I haven't yet thought of a twist or connections between the player and any npcs.

---=== Introduction ===---

*Tap Tap Tap*
The Legs of one Scientist walks down a corridor with a womanly figure along side cells each labeled with a number.with numbers.
Stopping at one point it, the scientist stops and writes on a clipboard and turns to a room and looks through a small peek hole.

Showing the player whats in the dark room revealing a small dark hole with a man standing there facing opposite the door grumbling. Turning around looking at the player it goes to acut scene.

Cutting to a part from a lab room where the zombie is getting injected with a syringe as he struggles on the strapped bench.

Ticking a box on the clipboard the scientist continues a walk down the corridor and goes to the next door and looking through the hole.

Cutting to another part from the Pit showing a man getting torn up from a zombie.

Ticking the box on the clipboard and continuing down the corridor it goes to another splitscene from Basement a man is firing away at a pile of zombies with his shotgun that areclosing up on him.

Ticking the box on the clipboard it goes to yet another scene from Lab where a man ismutating from a human form while screaming and shaking.

Ticking another box it goes to a split scene from Lab where a man is banging and screaming on a bit of glass in front of the player with a chomper rushing behind him.

Ticking the box for the last time, it moves out revealing the clipboards information.
Looking at and revealing a huge strong cage and moving towards the peek hole, revealing 2blowing red eyes and a deep growling sound in the background.

-Display Development

-Play Intro Video for Wireframe-

---=== Chapter 1 - Breakout ===---
--= The Riot =--

-Bang bang bang-
"Oi! Get your faggot ass outta that bed prisoner, breakfast is in 10 minutes." Demands a deep mysterious voice as the screen fades in

-The screen rolls over the bed and slides up revealing a combine in front of the cell doorwhich walks off as the player gains control.
-looking outside the cell door the player seeings a huge prison full of prisoners strollingaround with combine soldiers guarding entrances to doors and stair cases.
-Walking around the prison after opening the doors, the player goes up to cell 27 and aprisoner tells you of a plan the prisoners have shared which will get them out.

"Soon all the guards will start walking down stairs; where we will steal their guns and pushthem over whilst shooting the rest of the guards and making a break to the next room wherewe will have access to the air ducts that we can use to get to the basement" Explained theprisoner.

"We need everyone to pitch in in order for this to work, if we don't then there is a high change we will be outmatched when they bring in back-up from the high-tower. Spread the word"

-Exploring the prison finding pictures, books and all sorts of things around the prison waiting for the time to be up.

"All prisoners report to the bottom entrance for breakfast" Demanded a voice coming from speakers through-out the prison.

-Guards and prisoners start walking down the stairs.

-The last guard begins walking down the stairs and a prisoner walks up behind him, punches him in the back making the guard raise his hands, grabbing the gun and pushing the prisoner over the rails, the prisoner begins firing at the guards in the tower above the cells as the rest of the prisoners begin attacking the guards stripping them of their weapons.

-An alarm is set off and the player begins walking in the hallway and the rest of the prisoners are pulling off a grate in the floor for an entrance to the vents.

"Get in get in!, theirs no time to waste!" Explains a different prisoner

-The player climbs in the vent and the grate is put back on behind you.
-You hear combine mumbles, lots of firing, screams and explosions as you continue walking through the vent.

--= Overwatch =--

Crawling out of the vent, you appear to see that you are in a small office and see a prisoner on one of the terminals typing something in. Stepping out of the vent and moving towards the prisoner he turns around suddenly looking at the player and takes a big gasp.

"Damnit you gave me a freight man" The man speaks "I'm trying to hack my way into the system to try and disable their defenses."

The man types on the keyboard and gets a bit message on the screen
"Access Denied"
"Prison Lockdown"

"Shit!, they have everything locked down already" the man angers "The only way to do it now will be to go to the security room on the other side of the prison, I'll get you go do that and I'll stay here in case any other prisoners make it in."

Walking down a corridor, a door opens up and a combine comes out and hits you over the head with it's rifle knocking you out. Waking up, you notice a combine in front of you while being dragged down a hallway by your arms.
Stopping at some point, the guard in front of you opens a door and pushes a button to open up a hatch in the floor.
The guards on both sides of you pull you over the hole and drop you in.

--= Chapter 2 - The Pit =--

Falling into the pit...

The player falls through a vent...

--= Chapter 3 - Basement =--

Smashing through the vent of the ceiling...


being surrounded by a mass of zombies, you are smacked onto the ground the room goes black loading a new level...

--= Chapter 4 - Settlement =-- ( Needs a new name as it's no longer set in the vents! )

Falling through the floor and into a pit of zombies/ skulls and the screen goes black.
The screen fades into the environment slowly and reveals a woman staring at you while squinting her eyes.

*boom boom*

Gunshots in the background as she looks away from the player and begins to yell something to someone or something behind you.
The player is pulled away very fast and the game fades out and loads the next chapter.

Waking up in a room, you take a look around and notice that the player is lying on a bed with a bandage on your leg. Looking up the player spots a man sitting on a chair reading something off a piece of paper.

Spotting the player, the man grabs a walkey-talkey, pushes the button and speaks:

"He's awake"

Putting the radio down, the man puts down the piece of paper and stands up.

"You alright mate?" Asks the stranger as the player stands up

"You took a pretty nasty fall, lucky we found you when we did or you would be toast."

"Sharp's no medic but she did manage to patch up all the cuts you had".

"I'm Josh by the way, I'm sort of the house manufacturer here, Sharp is our leader. She's been down here for around 6 months now"


--= Chapter 5 - Laboratory =--

The door behind you closes shut and you are left in a dark room.


--= Chapter 6 - Intensive Care =--

God Damnit! *cries Sharp*

"We lost our own base, the only shot we have now on getting back together with the others is to head down to the prison hospital...

--= Chapter 7 - Rebellion =--

The door opens and there stands a group of prisoners with guns launched in the face of Sharp


The Head Guard rushes off to a room labeled "Test "Laboratory" and the doors slam locked behind him. The player stops behind the door and hears someone behind the door.

"No!" Cries the voice
"We havn't fully tested that serum yet!, there's no way of knowing what effect it'll have on you're DNA!"

- Item Crash noises -

Screen shakes and the wall smashes into pieces and in the background you see the shape of a HUGE creature amongst the fog.

The player runs backwards to where they came from passing through doors and such until they get into a huge room with gun turrets of whic hthe player has to use in order to kill the Abomination.


killing the Abomination which takes down a pillar causing the door to break open and the ceiling to smash down and crush the player and then black out.

Fading back into the lab you see a screamer creep towards the door. It stops to looks at the player for a few seconds then slowly makes it's way towards the player. Screams loudly, in the background then you hear a rumbling sound behind you.

The screamer takes a swipe at the player blacking out the screen and the game ends.

Roll Credits

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