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A world without suffering and death once existed and it is still quite nearby. Pure and innocent inanimate matter. Majestic forms free from knowing both good and evil. This paradise was lost along with the original sin - life. It is in this filthy and dissolute living matter that death inscribed its name. Then the Earth's skin fell ill. One of these diseases was man himself. The dead end of the bestial principle of natural selection. A mistake made the animal a human being. There was an important task ahead of him which he could not realize for a long time. He knew, however, about his existence and sought the meaning of his life. He created various orders that fell because there is no harmony, which only people in the world can create. With the fall of these orders, the values ​​that were their pillars fell as well.

Mankind, however, still nurtured a conviction; one of a few that was true. The dream of salvation and coming of the Messiah who would be able to answer the questions of mankind. A Übermensch who would bring real order, with values ​​that would stand by themselves. Then humanity would know the meaning of life. And in fact, the time has come when man defeated himself. He appeared, the Last Messiah, and said:

- There is one victory, one crown, one salvation and one answer. Get to know yourself, be sterile and leave the Earth in silence after your departure ...

And then everyone saw the truth. People exist to realize the great collective instinct of life for self-annihilation. Did not mankind destroy not only itself, but also the environment of other living organisms? The extermination of life is the only logical step.

You have proven your merits and now you have been appointed by the Brotherhood as the Great Annihilator. Your hand is to be the one that drives the Great Extermination Plan created by the Übermensch known as the Last Messiah. This plan assumes the extermination of life from all ten biomes so that the noble inanimate matter would not suffer. You have a limited amount of time for each stage of the Plan. You have all the possibilities of mankind. Use your wisdom to reasonably develop technologies, acquire resources, and manage humanity. Remember, if you fail, you will quickly unite with the inanimate matter by decapitation. Do not be afraid. If you will be faithful and guide mankind to its desired goal, a reward awaits you. An even greater honor than just realizing the Great Extermination Plan. You will be granted an audience with the Übermensch himself and you will get to know his face.

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