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Here Igor talks about some story elements and the current plans for the research mechanic.

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Hey guys, I'm back with a few details on Alkahest mechanics, story elements and all that good stuff. First thing's first: We have plans for a "tech tree" sort of mechanic in Alkahest, which basically means that as Colonists... well... colonize the New World you are given access to new ingredients. You send the colony potions, the colony grows, they send you new ingredients. Simple Stuff.

Next up are the story elements. We are still in a very early alpha phase of development, and our story is very, very barebones and will likely become far more complex. In essence the idea is to pursue the Magnum Opus and create a Philosophers Stone granting your Alchemist eternal life - and access to a sort of Endless Mode game type. We plan for there to be other endings as well which COULD come from helping a tyrant suppress the people or fuelling peasant revolts. Once again, all of this is subject to change and will either be more intricate or completely different come release.As always, spread the word, tell anyone who might be interested and, if you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to contact us!


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