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In this article, I'm gonna tell you about the story of this mod. And some other references.

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Half-Life Alpha is buggy and probably the worst version of Half-Life.

Well, it's alpha, right? But of course, the normal Half-Life is an amazing game. Anyway, this is not our topic.

Half-Life: Ivan is a mod that tries to re-imagine the Half-Life: Alpha, with better gameplay and a better storyline. The game starts in a Research Truck and you are the badass Ivan! You must bring the Xen Crytal to the test chamber. And we know the rest.

But what about the references?

We're going to add some kind of reference to the other Half-Life games and mods.

-You can see Gordon Freeman in c1m1_consequences, elevators with his crowbar.

-You can see GMan and Alyx Vance trough glass.

-Adrian Shepherd kills a scientist in front of you.


Great references! I wanna see some more screenshots of the mod!

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