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This week we have a hotfix to address a number of issues that came with the latest update that was released this past weekend.

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This week we have a hotfix to address a number of issues that came with the latest update that was released this past weekend. This update is now live - simply restart Steam and the download will begin. See below to see the contents of this week's update:


  • Anti aliasing quality options have been added under the Graphics tab in the Settings panel. Enabling it will resolve the blurry image issue a number of players have been experiencing. Options include: FXAA Low, FXAA High, TAA Low, TAA Medium, TAA High, TAA Epic
  • A new windowed fullscreen mode has been added, intended for Linux users running multiple monitors.
  • A weapon inspection feature has been added. Activate by pressing the "F" key.
  • A debug executable has been added, which can be found in your Storm United Steam folder. For those who are having any issues, run it and a log file will be recorded. This will help us in resolving any current or future issues.


  • Fixed an issue with the fringe effect when loosing HP. The effect was not resetting back to zero when respawning.
  • Gamma Correction under the Graphics tab in the Settings panel is now working as intended.
  • Bunker icons from the Extermination game mode were appearing in all game modes for certain maps. These icons will now only appear in the Extermination game mode.
  • Icons in certain objective game modes were not very visible. The visibility of these icons have now been improved.
  • Fixed an issue where frozen icons during Freeze Tag were appearing black. They are now white as they should be.
  • You no longer have to click following the PixelBeam intro to enter the game.
  • The chamber reload for Shadow primary weapon, Kraftig, is now playing at the proper volume set in your sound settings.
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck between bunker 3 and a set of rocks in U-Turn.
  • Fixed a Mac OS X-specific issue where weapons were being held incorrectly if holding a weapon with a scope or holographic sight. 


  • Damage from Guardian primary weapon, Folgore MK5, has been reduced.
  • Damage from Hacker primary weapon, G-Pop, has been reduced.
  • Health from bunkers in the new Extermination game mode has been doubled.
  • Sprinting speed has been reduced from 1.55x to 1.4x.


  • The official Storm United Teamspeak has been added to the welcome screen.
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