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The first update on Stories from City 17, introducing the mod and the story.

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Good morning ModDB!

Let me introduce my first mod project to you, called Stories from City 17. In this mod you play a rebel in City 17, called Jakob. After Gordon Freemans disappearance in Nova Prospect the resistance begins a war against the combine, trying to take over the citadel and the whole city. In Stories from City 17 you have the chance to fight this war side by side with all the other rebels of City 17!

Dont expect big changes in the engine or gameplay, because i am not a coder. I am a mapper trying to get the feeling of City 17 to my mod. I try to give the player a feeling of whats happening in the city, not just a load of weapons to strike down hordes of enemys. You will interact with NPCs, solve riddles and help your friends out of trouble.

I will show some more WIP screenshots soon, for now i can just show you the underground station which you call your "home" and the canal route.

Thanks for reading, stay tuned!

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