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Development on Age of Colonies stopped about a year ago due to reasons explained further in the news text.

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Hi everybody!

We know that this should have been done a long time ago.
Development on Age of Colonies stopped about a year ago. The main reason for us stopping the project was that we were two high school students, who ended high school to start on University and on different ones that is. We suddenly had so much to do that we never programmed anything anymore. Furthermore the code was badly done, because both of us only had little programming experience at the time of project start and it was almost impossible to correct without re-doing the whole project from scratch...

So the decision was between restarting the project from scratch to get the code right or drop the project...

Since we both just started at different universities and all that, we decided to stop the project.

We hope that you will understand our decision.
Maybe we will take up the project again in the future or make a completely different one, but for now, Age of Colonies is out.

Thanks for reading!

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