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Here is some info about monkeys. I hope after reading this you will join our cause!

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Space Development

Monkeys were among the first creatures sent into space, and some rumours have surfaced that some monkey leaders have launched a space station - but the existence of any and all Monkey space development is highly disputed.

The Monkeytrix

Some conspiracy theorists believe that actually the life we know is actually a sort of zoo kept by the Monkeys, called the Monkeytrix. All persons wishing to escape the Monkeytrix are said to have to choose between a Red Banana and a Blue Banana.


The Monkey Conspiracy is not invincible, however. There are ways to stop it, one of which may be to stop cultivating the banana trees. Another is to trounce all known monkeys and all persons resembling monkeys repeatedly. You are also able to kill monkeys by either splashing monkey blood on their fur to make the monkey implode, then explode, then implode once more.

Resistance Movements

Anti-Monkey resistance movements have sprung up. They are known for their unique system of identification. Whenever one Resistance member meets another, he or she shouts, "You're a monkey!" Unless the other immediately responds with a high-pitched screech of "Not a monkey!!!" they know that the other has been compromised and cannot be trusted. These groups are very seclusive however, and it's difficult to find the truth about one.


this is becoming a serious problem guys! we have to stop it!

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