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Short post regarding updates to come. Work is not conducive to work!

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Hello, Mechwarriors!

Yes, we (or I) are still working hard on preparing the next batch of content! Real-life jobs are not conducive to Mechwarrior, however.

So, my shop DID in fact close, and I was transferred out. My hours were cut to part-time, and then cut EVEN MORE, so I get maybe 5 hours a week at one job. Lucky the other picked me up and gave me alot more hours to compensate. It's barely enough to pay off the college loans.

Problem is I'm working alot more than normal, or at least it feels that way. So I'm picking and poking when I can at updates to come. The next pack is going to be HUGE, and rightfully so.

Updates to come include:
* Mechwarrior Online Pack (with variants of ALL variants, including Hero mechs; this pack will continually be updated as new mechs are released)
* More maps as they are located
* MecheXtractor software editing program
* More decals based on videogames and other popular media
* More variants as created by the community
* Report from Clan Coyote regarding Windows 7 and 8 issues
* Report on NetBattletech and Battletech Star League competitive leagues
* Getting the internal forums up

I'm really amazed at the level of attention this page has received thus far! When I started this project last year, I had no idea the impact it would make. I'm flattered.

Thank you all for your patience! We have plenty of ideas and the means to implement them. Time is another issue, but they are coming!

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