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Hey mod lovers! I'm still making this mod, but not constantly. I'll make more things to the mod, something else that don't exist in it yet...

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There are some conversations that don't even lead to missions of any kind - I'll try to make at least almost all of the npcs to give some missions. I'll also make more funny things in the mod that are not conversations - planning on books/newspapers that will have some silly text in them, and computers that contain some funny secrets.

I've had the mod get crashed or frozen a few times while I've been testing it, but I have probably fixed most of them... If you notice something unusual, please let me know, I'll see what I can do.Hey, if you guys have ideas for the mod, please tell me about them :D! I could also use some other people's voice acting as most of it is made by me, very little is by my bro and a few convo audios are from different things... It would be cool, if some of you joined JCLOH!

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