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Just letting you know that I'm still not dead, and letting you know what I've been up to these last few weeks...

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Here is a list of some of the stuff I have been working on over the past few weeks, just to let you all know that the mod isn't dead.

Patch 3.1 Readme-Created new splash screen, looks much cleaner now than it did before.
-Added Home One Class Cruiser to Rebels as a tech 5 heavy cruiser. It is nearly the equal of a Star Destroyer, but costs almost as much, and can only be built on Mon Calamari.
-Changed the radar icon for the Victory 1, 2, and Venator; they now look like smaller ISDs on the radar.
-Increased the shield strength of all starbases by 50 percent, to reflect their role as a major plantary defense.
-Increased the shield power and weapons of the Hutt and Pirate Asteroid bases.
-Removed death glory cinematics for capital ships as it gets boring after a while to see ships dying instead of combat.
-Fixed error where Tyber Zahn's flagship had more than double the health and shields of a normal Krayt Destroyer.
-Fixed bug where LAAT Gunship had no FOW reveal range.
-Gave the Venator blue turbolasers like in the movies, they shoot the same dual-style projectiles as ISDs.
-Increased the size of land battle Acclamators Slightly.
-Slightly reduced the size of the LAAT, it was almost half again the size of the MAAT.
-Executor no longer takes asteroid damage or is affected by ion stun effect.
-Fixed icon issue for the ISD where it didn't have a large icon when zoomed in on a planet in GC.
-Increased firing range of ground turbolasers, and allowed targeting of aircraft.
-Made AT-AA's unable to attack ground targets; it can now only attack air units, but has greater firing range.
-Darth Vader now appears with a large ground force in GC with the Executor, since it was ridiculous to be able to kill Vader in ground combat to kill the Executor.
-All factions can now launch raiding parties against enemy planets.
-Was unable to sucessfully increase shield protection radius, and will be unable to do so unless someone can edit the shield mesh of the model. So the shields haven't changed at all from vanilla FoC, they just look that way on the minimap. If I am able to get the models edited, the radius you see on the minimap will be the actual in-game radius.
-Increased the FOW reveal range and targeting distance of missile defense turrets for space combat. The laser turrets were left as they were since they were adequate for dealing with fighters, bombers and corvettes.
-New Venator Cruiser model (Evillejedi), looks much better and deploys 6 squadrons of X-Wings, 3 at a time to reflect its carrier role.
-New Home One and Liberty model from FiloVanWela's FX Mod. I was unable to contact him about using this, so if using this model is a problem, please have him contact me and I will remove it at once.
-Adjusted the speed of projectiles in space combat.
-Adjusted the speed of ground units, walkers have been slowed down to more canon speeds.

I am currently trying to learn how to use 3ds Max so I can edit the models of the Acclamator and ground-based shield generators. The next patch should be out before too long, but with school it has been hard to find time to get stuff done.


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